Invest time on your own self

  • Invest time on your own self
  • Never get satisfied that you have arrived keep growing keep learning
  • Become the change you want to see in the world
  • Be responsible take charge
  • Have lots of enthusiasm
  • Love all love all the time
  • Helplessly love

Earth has evolved from One sense creature to five sense creature and finally

The creator created part of him

That’s us we all desires only can lead to vibrations and ultimately we achieve it. Either you become that change OrYou are part of that change

Mahatma Gandhi became the change himself and millions were part of that change

Be a possibility thinker

Our dominant thoughts and desires become direction of Our magnet

Have only those dominant thoughts which you want to Attract in life

If you have anger and hurt and jealousy and hurt

You will attract that and opposite of those you will rebel

Do not curse be grateful

Do not think against

Think for

Do not focus deprivation focus on blessings

Jealousy and envy are main

Which spoils our magnet

Celebrate success of others

Feel generally happy

Faith can move mountains

Invest more time on your weakness

Do not avoid issues

Give attention do not ignore

Time to invest with our children

Always beat the sun and rise before sun rise

Food intake be cautious what you eat

Have enthusiasm

Grow in faith

Have God on your team

The energy of Shree Rama Plus Intelligent efforts from Hanuman Plus Faith of Hanuman in Shree Rama s energy

All combine only can deliver results

  1. 1. Internal disturbances always exists therefore quiten the mind
  2. 2. Take Pride to where u have reached but don’t rest there , understand that You have just scratched the surface of your true potential
  3. 3. From here to where ? Leaves scope of growth , from there to here Is journey covered .
  4. 4. U can be a game changer, create magnetic manifestations for all that u want to attract , wealth , wisdom , good health, prosperity ,great career , Abundance in wealth etc .
  5. 5. Have Faith in the wisdom That someone who is a teacher .
  6. 6. Always remember that Wisdom of life is greater than the teacher , like music is always greater than the singer .
  7. 7. The chemistry has to click , then every relationship lasts longer .
  8. 8. Two worlds exists , external and internal , external we don’t have any control and choice , how you shape your internal world decides your future .
  9. 9. What I cannot control should be how u absorb and what i can control how to speak and deliver my best.
  10. 10. I got the man right and the world becomes right.
  11. 11. Become the change you wish to see in the world
  12. 12. Getting you right …is the purpose of life happy
  13. Your Dominant thoughts become your desires and in turn they become your Magnet, you attract what you focus on, if you focus in fear will be attracted and fearlessness will repel, if you attract hatred, negative emotions then you set your magnet in that direction and hence what your dominant thoughts are, play an important role in setting your magnet right …
  14. Observe and correct your thoughts it may take minimum 2 to 5 years to change your thought pattern.
  15. 13
    a) Set your magnet right, ( in order to attract right things in life , health , wealth , prosperity , peace , relationship , career,) check your thoughts and set your magnet right.
  16. b) Set the process congruent to the Goal that you wish to achieve in respect to all above .
  17. c) Have tremendous energy
    (faith in the magnet that you have set )total and complete surrender is the way out , confidence that the magnet set is right and you will attract all that you want to achieve.