Get your Magnet right

Get your Magnet right

After years of research, science now says, the world is nothing but energy, magnetic energy. Spirituality always believed that world is energy (Bramhan). Energy is infinite, eternal and imperishable.

At the fundamental level, we too are magnetic energy. There is a macrocosmic magnet of the universe and a microcosmic magnet within each of us.

Any magnet has two qualities, it can either attract energy or repel energy.

Our desires also generate energy/vibrations. The internal magnet either attracts the energy of desires or repels it depending upon, the setting of our internal magnet.

Most people desire the end of suffering in the world, which generates vibrations/energy. If a magnet is not set right, like for most of us; the energy gets repelled in the direction of the right magnet. A person like Buddha who also nurtured this desire and has his magnet right; attracted these vibrations and showed the world the path of liberation from sufferings.

Millions of people had a desire for independence from the British. It was Mahatma Gandhi, who set his magnet right; magnetised these vibrations and manifested the desire.

Vibrations of millions of people get repelled without manifestation if the magnet is not set right. But one person with the right magnet, can magnetise these vibrations and manifest the object of desire.

So even if your magnet is not right and hence you end up repelling these vibrations; you unknowingly aid in the fulfilment of the desire. So with your desire, you either become fulfiller of the desire or aid in fulfilling the desire. Whether you become or only aid the becoming; depends upon how you set your magnet.

Setting the magnet right, needs three steps.

1. The direction of the magnet.

Your dominant thoughts determine the direction of the magnet. Positive thoughts help set the direction of magnet right and magnetise positivity in your life.

When we are healthy, we don’t really think about it. But when we have health issues, we talk about these, entertain thoughts about the disease and attract disease.

Thoughts about the lack (daridra-chintan) attract poverty (daridra), whereas thoughts about abundance attract abundance. Don’t keep brooding over the past incidences or people who betrayed you. Every person in your life comes for a definite purpose. Some people come in your life and stay till the end. Some come in your life, serve a purpose and go away from you.

Don’t harbour ill-will about anybody, it will harm only yourself. The thoughts of jealousy & envy are the most destructive of all. Life doesn’t have sympathy for your emotions.

So be aware of your thoughts at all times. Weed out any negative thoughts, replace them with positive thoughts and magnetise positivity in your life.

2. The effectiveness of the magnet

You need to ensure that your processes are in congruence with your goals and take you closer to your goals.

If my goal is to build a profitable organization, then I cannot just rely on management skill. I should also have finance & accounting knowledge.

Don’t only focus on your strengths. You also need to understand, analyze and work on your weaknesses. In order to succeed in any endeavour, you need to develop all the skills. Lack of any one skill can result in your failure. But if you have to succeed, then you must possess all the necessary skills.

If any one part of my body has a problem, then I am unwell. But to be healthy, my entire body has to be healthy.

Arjuna was physically strong and had all the skills of a warrior, but his confused mind was a problem and could have led to his defeat. Without changing Arjuna the warrior; just by changing his being, Krishna transformed Arjuna into a winner.

3. Power of the magnet (energy)

Some of the factors which increase the energy levels are,

– waking time: the closer to sunrise you wake up; the more energy you have.
– food: the food items you eat, needs to be digested, which needs energy. The food items you eat also produce energy.

If what you eat requires more energy to digest, than the energy it produces; you will feel lethargic.

So eat food, which produces more energy than is required for its digestion.

– enthusiasm: the energy you generate is proportional to your enthusiasm. Life follows enthusiasm. You are full of energy when you are doing something about which you are passionate. If you are doing something which you don’t enjoy, you will get fatigued fast.

So whatever you do, do it with a high level of enthusiasm and you will derive a lot of energy.

All these things do have an impact on your energy levels, but only to a small extent.

The factor which has a tremendous impact on energy is the “faith”.

The faith can be in God or it can be, in the cause you are working for. Stronger the faith, more the energy you will draw.

With faith, you get God in your team.

Your God is only as powerful, as your faith. Without faith, God doesn’t work. With your faith, you make God work for you.

Hanuman told Lord Ram; my faith in you has made me more powerful than you.

God’s energy, my effort and my faith in God’s energy; can produce miracles. It’s an unbeatable combination

So get these three (direction, effectiveness and power) things about your magnet right, and magnetise abundance in your life.