Feb 1, 2010 – Monday

New Month – New Planning

  • Planning 1: Work on Adobe Air & get certificate for Flex and Air
  • Planning 2: Completed the Projects and work on Quality of Products
  • Planning 3: Work on documentation for application which we have created till date
  • Planning 4: Quote for Electrician & Color to my new home.

Wake up @ 8.00. Reach office @ 11.15 early as less traffic i got. Thanks Gods.

All follow up with client i have did it in bus only

Today whole day i have work on flex charting and reporting & also shown my first Facebook application to jayesh which i have made in flex.

Discuss with HR for Evaluation of Employees.

Tomorrow morning – deadline of project. any how we have to completed the same, will do it

Successfully incorporate – Loading, date report and Titlewindow in flex

be happy!!!

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