The Story of Upaka

The Buddha uttered following Verse in answer to the question put up by Upaka, a non-Buddhist ascetic,
while the Buddha was on his way to the Deer Park (Migadaya) where the Group of Five Bhikkhus (Panca Vaggis) were staying.

The Buddha was going there to expound the Dhamma cakkappavattana Sutta to the Panca Vaggis, his old associates, viz., Kondanna, Bhaddiya, Vappa, Assaji, and Mahanama.

When Upaka saw Gotama Buddha, he was very much impressed by the radiant countenance of the Buddha and so said to him, “Friend, you look so serene and pure; may I know who your teacher is?”

To him, the Buddha replied that he had no teacher.

Then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

“I have overcome all,
I know all,
I am detached from all,
I have given up all; I am liberated from moral defilements having eradicated craving, (i. e., I have attained arahatship).

Having comprehended the Four Noble Truths by myself, whom should I point out as my teacher?”
(At the end of the discourse Upaka expressed neither approval nor disapproval but just nodded a few times and went on his way.)

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