Analhaque – Mansur al-Hallaj

Not for a second think that this translation is perfect or good, but it is an attempt to reach those among you not familiar with hindi script or the words…i myself have taken educated guesses in some places…

may the meaning perceive you beyond my translation or even mansoor’s words…after all, he has allowed us to be the Gods we already are 🙂


अगर है शौक मिलने का, तो हरदम लौ लगता जा,
जला कर खुद्नुमाई को, भसम तन पर लगता जा,

मुसल्ला छोड़, तस्बी तोड़, किताबे डाल पानी मे,
पकड़ दस्त तू फरिश्तो का, ग़ुलाम उनका कहता जा,

न भूखा मर, न रख रोज़ा, न जा मस्जिद, न कर सजदा,
वजू का तोड़ दे कुजा, शराब-ए-शौक पीता जा,

न हो मुल्ला, न हो बम्मन, दुई की छोड़कर पूजा,
हुकम है शाह कलंदर का, ‘अनलहक’ तू कहाता जा,

कहे मंसूर मस्ताना, हक मैंने दिल मे पहचाना,
वही मस्तो का मयखाना, उसी के बीच आता जा…

– मंसूर

If you are keen to meet, set the wick inside afire
Burn your I-centric self, rub the ashes on your self

Leave all rituals and scriptures aside
Take the route of angels, be their slave

Do not fast, or go to mosques, don’t bow down
Forget all this and get drunk on divine ecstasy

Forget being a priest or following some learned one
You are ordered to become God yourself

Says Mansoor, I have realised Him in my heart
This is what those enlightened are drunk on, join them…

Mansur al-Hallaj (c. 858 – March 26, 922) was a Persian mystic most famous for his apparent, but disputed, self-proclaimed divinity. The concept of ‘Analhaque’ – ‘I am God’ as he declares in these verses – shook the foundations of fundamentalists and eventually he was executed.

Writer : My Friend: Surendar Singh – Facebook

be happy!!