Love can be only one way

People say if want something start giving it or if give and take relationship but do you think love is thing or commodity.

If you are thinking about love same way Love is like rivers start from inner of care to outer would see. It never wants anything in return. Same way love comes from inner of heart to world more you love you generate mass energy to live and reach your destiny. If water flow reduces inner can’t reach to sea.

Form of solid to liquid form.

Love doesn’t require anything in return.

It automatically gives the power of life, faith and humanity.

It can be spared to whole world but can’t be back like a round ripple.

For eg.

Krishna who has loved everyone without any expectation never want anything in return. He has spent love to whole world.

Love doesn’t require any boundary. If you stop river from flowing then water lost its purity and cleanliness. It start producing the illness.

There can’t be any condition for love. Love always forgives to all. For eg Buddha/ Mahavir not limited to any condition criteria.