Interview Task for Shopify

  1. Install the Debut theme (
  2. Create a page about us with customisation facility for Store Owner to change following
    • Page Title
    • Page Content
    • Image 1
    • Image 1 – Position (left/right)
    • Image 1 – Alt
    • Image 2
    • Image 2 – Position (left/right)
    • Image 2 – Alt
  3. Whole Website I want 2 types of Customer
    • Retail or Common User: This customer only able to BUY THE PRODUCT if stock inventory is more than 10 Qty and He will not able to see that product on the entire website. When this customer place order I want to add Retail Customer as Note
    • Wholesale Customer: This customer can buy any product irrespective of stock inventory. When this customer place order I want to add Wholesale Customer as Note
  4. Collection Page. Want to highlight specific 4 products on Top before actual collections products start showing. before filter and others.
  5. Pincode Check on PDP Page.
    • Only 400067 Please activate CART button else CART Button has to Disable and text will be CHECK TO PINCODE.
    • After User input. Please activate the CART button and Change text to ADD TO CART
  6. Display Images as Per Variant Selected (Each Variant will have 2 Images). on Thumbnail have to show only 2 images which are selected
  7. Cart Page to update Qty without refresh