Feb 7, 2010 – Sun

wake up @ 6.00.

We all meet at decided place.(35 People) Bus was started @ 7.00 we reached at “Silent Resort” @ 9.30. All the kid were happy. there were fully energy and fresh. Climate was cold in morning. After having breakfast we all went to water pool. after lunch Pratik has introduce a new game call “Mafiai”  Like buffmaster on TV. We all likes the concept of game. Full of suspense and entertain. I have to give credit to all. All were playing the game honestly.

Had talks with bhavenjijaji regarding the “Rich DAD Poor DAD”. We have shared our experience for same. Learning the most common mistake done by all middle class people. Also share our views on entrepreneurship(myself, bhavenjijaji and Harsh)

Also listen story from jayesh 2 days back which i have shared with people about Mukesh Ambani. How much he is giving respect to his mother. once his mother told him that he don’t know how to do the business. and he reply to his mother that Yes, you are right please teach me the same. When our parent say something to us we will reply instantly that you don’t know the world is change.

Over all It was very nice experience (small get together). Got the necessary break for mind refreshment. but Exhausted as not received any rest from last 15 days. Thanks to all of them for such great support.

Had dinner @ tulsi vihar hotel

be happy!!