Feb 20, 2010 – Sat

After 3 days finding time for my dairy

Wake up @ 9.00

Today I have planned to meet Munna(Bhadaran Nagar) cancelled it afterward

We are having Discussion on one Project for subscription. Nagesh met client and had some conversation on the same. Finally Issue sort out

Reach @ 6 Amit office. went to malvani for paints. One of Amit’s client is making paint to reliance. MRP for same is 599 and we have brought for only Rs. 300. I have purchased 3 paints

Meet Amitbhai, He has shifted to from No. 2 to No. 10.

Today i have fight with my wife for dinner. in spite of my call she haven’t cooked any vegetable.

Seen movie “Surya” I like it very much

be happy!!