The oneness of the human family

This is the sum of duty, do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you. = Hinduism

Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful. = buddhism

One should treat all creatures in the world as one would like to be treated. = Jainism

Don’t create enmity with anyone as god is within […]

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Over the ages
You have followed objects,
Never once turning back
To look within.
Time slips away;
Months and years
Are wasted.

– Kuei-shan Ling-yu (771-854)

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Keep in mind that equanimity is most important – Message from Guruji S N Goenkaji

Keep in mind that equanimity is most important for you. The type of sensation you feel doesnot matter.

Whenever a deep-rooted sankhara comes to the surface, it will produce a particular type of sensation, but don’t assume that every sensation you feel is because of a sankhara.

When you are meditating, it is true that most of […]

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Professionals’ Questions and Answers – Guruji S N Goenkaji

Q: How can professionals, who have less time, practice meditation?
A: Meditation is all the more important for professionals! Those who are householders, who have responsibilities in life, need Vipassana much more, because they have to face situations in life where there are so many vicissitudes. They become agitated because of these vicissitudes. If they learn […]

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The Story of Thera Channa.

Channa was the attendant who accompanied Prince Siddhattha when he renounced the world and left the palace on horseback.

When the prince attained Buddha hood, Channa also became a bhikkhu.
As a bhikkhu, he was very arrogant and overbearing because of his close connection to the Buddha.

Channa used to say, “I came along with my Master when […]

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The Story of Upaka

The Buddha uttered following Verse in answer to the question put up by Upaka, a non-Buddhist ascetic,
while the Buddha was on his way to the Deer Park (Migadaya) where the Group of Five Bhikkhus (Panca Vaggis) were staying.

The Buddha was going there to expound the Dhamma cakkappavattana Sutta to the Panca Vaggis, his old associates, […]

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Message from Guruji S N Goenkaji for beginner on path of Dhamma

A beginner who starts on the path has to work. You are being taught to reach the stage that is without “I” (anattā), and when there is no “I” there is no doer. But if we say there is no “I” in the beginning, you could become confused and think you do not need to […]

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The Story of Cincamanavika

As the Buddha went on teaching the Dhamma, more and more people came flocking to him, and the ascetics of other faiths found their following to be dwindling.

So they made a plan that would harm the reputation of the Buddha.They called the very beautiful Cincamanavika, a devoted pupil of theirs, to them and said to […]

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Executives’ Questions and Answers – Guruji S N Goenkaji

1. I am in a business where I could be my breaking sila. I know enough not to be involved in a business that is going to harm anyone. For instance, making missiles is certainly going to harm people; I obviously won’t do that. But what about the gray area where I am building a […]

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Vipassana is not intended for the enjoyment of pleasant sensations – Message from Guruji S N Goenkaji

I repeatedly warn students that Vipassana is not intended for the enjoyment of pleasant sensations, but despite my advice some of them make that their aim.

They think, I must get a free-flow of very pleasant vibrations.

If I’m not getting it, I’m not progressing.” They are completely wrong.

The equanimity you have developed is the measure of […]

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The Story of Subhadda the Wandering Ascetic.

[Following verses  were uttered by the Buddha in the Sal Grove of the Malla princes near Kusinara, just before the parinibbana (passing away) of the Buddha, in reply to the questions raised by Subhadda, the wandering ascetic (paribbajaka).]

Subhadda the wandering ascetic was staying at Kusinara.

when he heard that the parinibbana of Gotama Buddha would take […]

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Why Morning and evening daily sittings are very important in Vipassana – Message from Guruji S N Goenkaji

I must progress on the path and also encourage others to come to the path and progress on it.

You progress only when you maintain your practice morning and evening.

If you take courses, whether of ten, twenty or even thirty days, and you miss your daily meditation, you will not really benefit.

A course ought […]

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22 Reasons To Believe Hinduism is Based On Science

People are advised to worship Neem and Banyan tree in the morning. Inhaling the air near these trees, is good for health.

If you are trying to look ways for stress management, there can’t be anything other than Hindu Yoga aasan Pranayama (inhaling and exhaling air slowly using one of the nostrils).

Hindu temples are built scientifically. […]

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Spiritual conversation between Diogenes and Alexander the Great

So many stories about Diogenes, Alexander had heard and had loved. He said, “I would like to go and meet him.” It was early morning, the sun was rising. Diogenes was lying on the sand on the bank of the river taking a sunbath. Alexander felt a little awkward, because Diogenes was naked. He also […]

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Korean Zen stories

Once it happened that two monks were traveling. They crossed a river in a boat, and the ferryman said to them, “Where are you going? If you are going to the city beyond this valley, go slowly.’

But the old monk said, “If we go slowly we will never reach, because we have heard that […]

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Never Keep a cat in House

A great mystic was dying. He called his disciple, the chief disciple. The disciple rejoiced very much that the master was calling him. There was a great crowd and the mystic is calling only him; he must be giving some secret key that he has not given to anybody up to now. “This is the […]

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Kabir the weaver

Kabir was a weaver. He continued his work his whole life. even after his enlightenment he was still weaving; he loved it!

Many times his disciples asked him, prayed to him with tears in their eyes: “You need not work anymore we are here to take care of you! So many disciples, why go on […]

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Buddha and Distress

Once a man came to Buddha and asked, “The world is in such a distress, people are in so much misery—how can you manage to sit silently and so joyously?”

Buddha said, “If somebody is suffering from fever, has the doctor also to lie down by his side and suffer? Has the doctor out of […]

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P. D. Ouspensky and Death

One of the great disciples of Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky, was dying. The doctors told him to rest but he would not—instead he continued walking the whole night. They thought he had gone crazy. He was dying, his energy was disappearing what was he doing? This was the time to rest; he would die sooner […]

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What is Meditation? (Three Friend and Buddhist Monk)

Three men went for a morning walk. They saw a Buddhist monk standing on the hill, and having nothing to do they just started discussing what that fellow was doing.

One said, “As far as I can see from here, he is expecting somebody and waiting for him. Perhaps a friend is left behind and he […]

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Physiological benefits:
1. It lowers oxygen consumption.
2. It decreases respiratory rate.
3. It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
4. Increases exercise tolerance.
5. Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
6. Good for people with high blood pressure.

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Chalo Re Jaiye Satsang Ma – Gujarati Lyrics

ચાલો રે જયે સત્સંગમાં, સત્સંગમાં મોટું ધામ છે. ભાઈ|| ૨ ||
સત્સંગમાંથી આનંદ લ્યેને, સૌને જયશ્રી કૃષ્ણ છે ભાઈ || ૨ || 

હરી મિલાવો પ્રભુ મિલાવો, લય હરીનું નામ જો ભાઈ|| ૨ ||
સત્સંગમાં થી આનંદ લ્યેને, સૌને જયશ્રી કૃષ્ણ છે ભાઈ || ૨ ||

આજનો લાવો લિગ્યે ભાઈ, કાલનું જો કાચું હોયજો || ૨ ||
સત્સંગમાં થી આનંદ લ્યેને, […]

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Declaration of principles

1] All human beings are different. And should do everything possible to continue to be so.

2] Each human being has been granted two courses of action: that of deed and that of contemplation. Both lead to the same place.

3] Each human being has been granted two qualities: power and gift. Power drives a person to meet his/her destiny, his gift obliges that person to share with others which is good in him/her. A human being must know when to use power, and when to use compassion.


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Lalbaug Cha Raja – 2010

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Gujarati Story – Why we have to Thanks to GOD for every thing and every second

મૃત્યુના મસ્તીભર્યા ગીતો સુણાવી જાય છે, જિંદગી પણ કયારેક ગેલમાં આવી જાય છે- શૂન્ય પાલનપુરી
એક ધનવાન માણસ હતો. દરિયામાં એકલા ફરવા તેણે બોટ વસાવી હતી. રજાના દિવસે તે પોતાની બોટમાં દરિયો ખુંદવા નીકળ્યો. મધદરિયે પહોંચ્યો ત્યાં દરિયામાં તોફાન આવ્યું. બોટ ડૂબવા લાગી. બોટ બચવાની કોઇ શકયતા ન લાગી ત્યારે એણે લાઇફ જેકેટ પહેરીને દરિયામાં પડતું […]

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Krishna Gallery

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It’s not insomnia

As the night
Covers the world
With darkness
I wake up

A quiet within
Silence without
Interspersed with breaths
Of a million
Dead souls
Dead to you. Your world.

On the pillows
A thousand imaginary worlds take shape
Worlds that evoke
Love in some
Fear in others

My bed however
Has an inhabitant
In the real world

Once you wake up, Bhakta,

There’s no sleep
Writer : My Friend: Surendar Singh – Facebook
be happy!!!

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There is no need of judging people – Osho

There is no need of Judging people;
you have to understand why you judge and how you judge..

You can only judge behavior because only behavior is available.
You cannot judge the person because the person is hiding behind,
the person is a mystery.

Your judgment shows something about you,
nothing about the person you have judged
because his history remains unavailable […]

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They decked you with flowers
Crowned you with gold
Laid marble at your feet
They have covered your body
With the finest silks
Burnt the most fragrant incense sticks
Worshipped you with aartis
Singing loud enough to wake up the world
The prasadam is as rich
As your king’s own meal
Poor me,
I do not think
I am fit enough
To be your devotee
But let me tell […]

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Victory in defeat

I give in
Once more

You win, Lord
At your petty games
Oh yes, I am human
Destined to give in
To your greater wisdom
Your might
Your will

And why not?
I have neither the power
Nor the arms
To hit back
At your destiny

And therefore
I the mortal
I the vanquished
I the worshipper
Stand at your altar
Ready to be sacrificed again
Writer: My Friend: Surendar Singh – Facebook
be happy!!!

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They who call you an idol
Do they know
Their own reality is suspect?

They, who apply vermilion
By parting their hair
What do they know
What being wedded means?

They who have never tasted
The nectar of your love
What do they know
Of drinking poison?

They have heard only
The call of your temples
What do they know
Of the calling?

They, who have mastered
The mantras by rote
What […]

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Photo – Krishana

Pictures – Yashoda catching krishana.

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Quote – Krishana

Krishna consciousness is not something imposed on the mind. On the contrary, it’s already inside of each of us, waiting to come out, like fire in a match.

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Quotes – Lord Krishna by Osho

Krishna is the only person in the whole history of human consciousness who is tremendously in love with life, with the poetry of life, with the music of life, with the dance of life. He is not at all life-negative, he is very affirmative. And he accepts life as it is; he does not put […]

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Quote – Jan 29, 2010

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

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Quote – Jan 28, 2010

Souls too, like rivulets and plants, needed a different kind of rain: hope, faith, a reason to live. When did not come to pass, everything in that soul died, even if the body went on living; and the people could say: “Here in this body there was once a man.”

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OSHO: a buddha will be misunderstood


I like it, Please check out

be happy!!!

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