What in my mind – Oct 22, 2010

Learned from experience, “how to laugh when you are in unavoidable situation”. It’s made my life happier and powerful.

for E.g. you have to call urgently. It’s do or die situation. But right now out of coverage area, more 20 min it will take for coverage. (Now I have started to laugh rather than be frustrated). It’s one of great tool for positive thinking.

be happy!!!

What to do when you are feeling negative thoughts…

In our regular life something happens to us. We start reacting to everything in our mind(i will do that.., I will say this.. etc..). We start playing in our mind. sometime we even don’t know that we carried that to hours or whole day or any days. That time period are worst day for us.

We have many books to think positive and its benefit. But do you think it help us at that moments?

So what to do….

i was gone through same phase of negative thought of giving up the relationship & think on my decision. Each time by god grace I am able to come out it.

This phase has teach me a good lesson. Each time when i have negative thought. I start to think positive thing. then i found its temporary solutions.

As wise man say remove the problem from root. So i started thinking deeply on it.

Below are conclusion
1. All the negative thought come from our past experience or failures.
Understand that there is no failure all are lessons.
Write down all your achievement and success(Even it very small) on piece of paper and read it when you are feeling negative.

2. Giving some meaning and start reacting.
Do the proper communication. clarity will solve your 80% of your problem
Don’t compare this with your past failure or experience
Take it as lesson of life for better future

3. Keeping with us for long time
Keep Cool. Take long breath.
Listen to song, see cartoon or do whatever you like it

Thanks to god each time for each and everything

Try out and share your Experience….

be happy!!!