Just few days back i have completed reading this book. I have noted some good point and summery given in the book which inspired me to put in on my blog

“THE PRESENT – The Secret to Enjoying Your Work And Life, Now!” author Spencer Johnson

Three ways to use your present moments to enjoy your work and life, NOW!

Be in the present
when you want to be happier and more effective
Focus on what is right Now.
Respond to what is important today.

Learn from the past
when you want to make the PRESENT better than the past
Look at what happened in the past.
Learn something Valuable from It.
Do things differently today.

Help create the future
when you want to make the future better than the PRESENT
Imagine what a wonderful future would look like.
Make a realistic plan.
Do something today to help it happen.

Realize your purpose
explore ways to make your work
and life more meaningful

Some more point

  • Live in present means laughing more offen, loving more deeply and being of greater service.
  • The present means focusing on what is right, now
  • Pain is the difference between what is, and what you want it to be
  • The present is the best gift you can give yourself.
  • Having a purpose means not just knowing what to do, but why.

be happy!!!

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