Jan 23, 2010


This is my first day on my own website to write my own diary.

I just came from shopping. Given surprise birthday gift to my wife. Yesterday got the call from her friend(Yogesh). He and his wife has arrange a exhibition for dress. I haven’t informed to Sweta(my wife). I have taken sweta to there & have purchased dress material for her, my sister, my bhabhi and her sister. Just when we was leaving the exhibition. I have inform sweta about his friend. She was really surprised.

Today is very special day for me for certain result.

1. I have just started one my dream which i want to achieve in 2010.

2. I have noted all my desire in my dream book

3. I have spent good quality time with my wife and children


Shree Ganeshay Namah

Dear All,

A week back i have dream to create my website which cover all about myself, family, photos, mentor etc..

Today is 21 Jan 2010. I have started to work on my dream. I have installed wordpress and done some basic work for same.

Planing to put all my thought in my word. But please forgive me for my poor and simple English

Thanks for all of you

Tejash Shah