Win 2003 Server, IIS 6, PHP 5 : Error: security error (ACL ERROR).

I am using Win 2003 Server, IIS 6, PHP 5.

If you see "You are not authorized to view this page" error when running your PHP page.

Try one more thing:
1. Right-click {C:\php} (or your PHP installation root) and select {Properties}
2. Select {Security} tab and click {Add} button
3. Enter {ComputerName/IUSR_ComputerName} as object name and press {OK}
4. Select {Read & Execute} as permissions
5. Click {Advanced} button and select {Allow inheritable permissions from the parent...} checkbox
6. Press {OK}

How to setup a local web server on your computer using XAMPP

Installing XAMPP on your computer

  1. First, download XAMPP for Windows Installer
  2. Then run the installer on your computer and make sure that your Windows firewall unblocks Apache.
  3. Run the Apache administrator.
  4. Open your browser and go to – If all went well, a screen will appear where you can choose your language.
  5. Go to and setup a password (i

Gujarati Shyari

કોણ ભલાને પૂછે છે? અહીં કોણ બૂરાને પૂછે છે?
મતલબથી બધાને નિસ્બત છે, અહીં કોણ ખરાને પૂછે છે?
અત્તરને નિચોવી કોણ પછી ફૂલોની દશાને પૂછે છે?
સંજોગ ઝુકાવે છે નહીંતર અહીં કોણ ખુદાને પૂછે છે?