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I am slim, smart, healthy and wealthy

I am heartily grateful to MY MENTORS for 

List of My Mentors

Given me life lessons without any expectations
Motivational and Inspiration to live my life positively
Sharing their life learning about self-realisations and supporting others

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I am grateful to my BROTHERS and SISTERS for

Their love and sharing their thought which has impacted in my life
Their motivation and supports for all my activity which I did till date
Ignoring all my mistakes and forgiving me for same
Supporting all my unreasonable requested and living my life on my own terms

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I am truly blessed to have the BEST PARENT on the earth because

They have given me a birth which will help me to find a oneself
They have given all the necessary thing of my life, It’s helped me to become what I am in present
They have taught me about Honesty, Love, Compassion, Help Others without any expectation, Ethics, Integrity and many more good quality which […]

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I am truly blesses by GOD for

A birth as a human being
An opportunity to search for ONESELF
The best parent on this earth
A hungriness for knowledge
The best environment to live a life
The best family and friends which are always supporting and motivating me

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ERROR – XAMPP – Port 80 in use by “Unable to open process” with PID 4! 12

You might need to stop the “Web Deployment Agent Service”

Press Win+R and type services.msc

Right click on Web Deployment Agent Service and select “Stop”

Restart XAMPP

Also after double clicking “Web Deployment Agent Service” you can make the Startup type to Manual, So that “Web Deployment Agent Service” will not start automatically

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The oneness of the human family

This is the sum of duty, do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you. = Hinduism

Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful. = buddhism

One should treat all creatures in the world as one would like to be treated. = Jainism

Don’t create enmity with anyone as god is within […]

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સમાઘાન – જીવન જીવવાની કળા

સમાઘાનઃ એટલે વ્યક્તિ વસ્તુ કે સ્થિતિને જેવી છે તેવી અપનાવવી લેવી. અને આગળ વઘતા રહેવું. સમાઘાન કરવાથી આપણે એ વસ્તુ, વ્યકિત કે પછી પરિસ્થિત, આપણા ઘ્યયેથી જો કોઈ વ્યકિત, વસ્તુ કે પ્રસંગને કારણે આપણે વ્યથિથ કે ગુસ્સે થઈએ એ આપણા માટે જે હાનિકારક છે. કારણકે આ બન્ને આપણાને આપણા લક્ષ્ય કે સફળતાથી દૂર લઈ જાય […]

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આજે સવારે મમ્મી સાથે વાત કરી રહ્યો હતો, ત્યારે મમ્મી એ કહ્યું કે આજે સંતસંગમાં જવાનું છે. તો મારા પૂછાય ગયું તમે એમાં શું કરશો. મમ્મી બોલી કે બઘી સ્ત્રીયો કોઈના ઘરે દરેક અગિયારસે ભેગા થાય અને ભગવાનનાં ભજનો ગાઈ, પ્રસાદ વહેરયાં. બઘાને કાંઈ ભેટ અપાય. મેં પૂછયું સાથે તમે ભજન કરો તો અવાજ તો […]

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Love can be only one way

People say if want something start giving it or if give and take relationship but do you think love is thing or commodity.

If you are thinking about love same way Love is like rivers start from inner of care to outer would see. It never wants anything in return. Same way love comes from inner […]

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प्यार से कहिये – जय श्री कृष्णा

एक व्यक्ति बहुत परेशान था। उसके दोस्त ने उसे सलाह दी कि कृष्ण भगवान की पूजा शुरू कर दो। उसने एक कृष्ण भगवान की मूर्ति घर लाकर
उसकी पूजा करना शुरू कर दी। कई साल बीत गए लेकिन कोई लाभ नहीं हुआ।

एक दूसरे मित्र ने कहा कि तू काली माँ कीपूजा कर, जरूर तुम्हारे दुख […]

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Over the ages
You have followed objects,
Never once turning back
To look within.
Time slips away;
Months and years
Are wasted.

– Kuei-shan Ling-yu (771-854)

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સવાલ: આ પ્રેમમાં દુઃખ કેમ આવતું હશે?

પ્રેમનું બીજું નામ આંનદ છે. પણ જો તું કોઈની સહાનુભૂતિને અગર તમે પ્રેમ સમજી લો અને પછી એનાં પર પોતાનો હક્ક જમાવવા લાગે છે. પછી એ એમ માનવવા લાગે છે કે એ જે કહે એ જ એમને કરવું જોઈએ અને પછી એમાં બંઘન આવવા લાગે છે. પ્રેમ એ લાગણી […]

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Keep in mind that equanimity is most important – Message from Guruji S N Goenkaji

Keep in mind that equanimity is most important for you. The type of sensation you feel doesnot matter.

Whenever a deep-rooted sankhara comes to the surface, it will produce a particular type of sensation, but don’t assume that every sensation you feel is because of a sankhara.

When you are meditating, it is true that most of […]

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Professionals’ Questions and Answers – Guruji S N Goenkaji

Q: How can professionals, who have less time, practice meditation?
A: Meditation is all the more important for professionals! Those who are householders, who have responsibilities in life, need Vipassana much more, because they have to face situations in life where there are so many vicissitudes. They become agitated because of these vicissitudes. If they learn […]

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The Story of Thera Channa.

Channa was the attendant who accompanied Prince Siddhattha when he renounced the world and left the palace on horseback.

When the prince attained Buddha hood, Channa also became a bhikkhu.
As a bhikkhu, he was very arrogant and overbearing because of his close connection to the Buddha.

Channa used to say, “I came along with my Master when […]

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The Story of Upaka

The Buddha uttered following Verse in answer to the question put up by Upaka, a non-Buddhist ascetic,
while the Buddha was on his way to the Deer Park (Migadaya) where the Group of Five Bhikkhus (Panca Vaggis) were staying.

The Buddha was going there to expound the Dhamma cakkappavattana Sutta to the Panca Vaggis, his old associates, […]

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Message from Guruji S N Goenkaji for beginner on path of Dhamma

A beginner who starts on the path has to work. You are being taught to reach the stage that is without “I” (anattā), and when there is no “I” there is no doer. But if we say there is no “I” in the beginning, you could become confused and think you do not need to […]

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The Story of Cincamanavika

As the Buddha went on teaching the Dhamma, more and more people came flocking to him, and the ascetics of other faiths found their following to be dwindling.

So they made a plan that would harm the reputation of the Buddha.They called the very beautiful Cincamanavika, a devoted pupil of theirs, to them and said to […]

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Executives’ Questions and Answers – Guruji S N Goenkaji

1. I am in a business where I could be my breaking sila. I know enough not to be involved in a business that is going to harm anyone. For instance, making missiles is certainly going to harm people; I obviously won’t do that. But what about the gray area where I am building a […]

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Vipassana is not intended for the enjoyment of pleasant sensations – Message from Guruji S N Goenkaji

I repeatedly warn students that Vipassana is not intended for the enjoyment of pleasant sensations, but despite my advice some of them make that their aim.

They think, I must get a free-flow of very pleasant vibrations.

If I’m not getting it, I’m not progressing.” They are completely wrong.

The equanimity you have developed is the measure of […]

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The Story of Subhadda the Wandering Ascetic.

[Following verses  were uttered by the Buddha in the Sal Grove of the Malla princes near Kusinara, just before the parinibbana (passing away) of the Buddha, in reply to the questions raised by Subhadda, the wandering ascetic (paribbajaka).]

Subhadda the wandering ascetic was staying at Kusinara.

when he heard that the parinibbana of Gotama Buddha would take […]

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Why Morning and evening daily sittings are very important in Vipassana – Message from Guruji S N Goenkaji

I must progress on the path and also encourage others to come to the path and progress on it.

You progress only when you maintain your practice morning and evening.

If you take courses, whether of ten, twenty or even thirty days, and you miss your daily meditation, you will not really benefit.

A course ought […]

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How to Work Less and Get More Done

10 Commandments of SCRUM
The management development process that has transformed the technology industry and is revolutionizing how business works:

One Meeting a Day. In fifteen minutes, you can coordinate your efforts, align your team, and discover obstacles to progress. Get rid of status meetings, and two hour-long searches for blame.
Make Work Visible. One of the biggest […]

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WordPress: Basic, Feature, How to Install and Theming

What is WordPress?

How to install WordPress. Simple Steps to follow and you are ready with your Website

Understanding of WordPress theme. Let install THEME and understand UI of our website

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22 Reasons To Believe Hinduism is Based On Science

People are advised to worship Neem and Banyan tree in the morning. Inhaling the air near these trees, is good for health.

If you are trying to look ways for stress management, there can’t be anything other than Hindu Yoga aasan Pranayama (inhaling and exhaling air slowly using one of the nostrils).

Hindu temples are built scientifically. […]

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Spiritual conversation between Diogenes and Alexander the Great

So many stories about Diogenes, Alexander had heard and had loved. He said, “I would like to go and meet him.” It was early morning, the sun was rising. Diogenes was lying on the sand on the bank of the river taking a sunbath. Alexander felt a little awkward, because Diogenes was naked. He also […]

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Korean Zen stories

Once it happened that two monks were traveling. They crossed a river in a boat, and the ferryman said to them, “Where are you going? If you are going to the city beyond this valley, go slowly.’

But the old monk said, “If we go slowly we will never reach, because we have heard that […]

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Never Keep a cat in House

A great mystic was dying. He called his disciple, the chief disciple. The disciple rejoiced very much that the master was calling him. There was a great crowd and the mystic is calling only him; he must be giving some secret key that he has not given to anybody up to now. “This is the […]

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Kabir the weaver

Kabir was a weaver. He continued his work his whole life. even after his enlightenment he was still weaving; he loved it!

Many times his disciples asked him, prayed to him with tears in their eyes: “You need not work anymore we are here to take care of you! So many disciples, why go on […]

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Buddha and Distress

Once a man came to Buddha and asked, “The world is in such a distress, people are in so much misery—how can you manage to sit silently and so joyously?”

Buddha said, “If somebody is suffering from fever, has the doctor also to lie down by his side and suffer? Has the doctor out of […]

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P. D. Ouspensky and Death

One of the great disciples of Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky, was dying. The doctors told him to rest but he would not—instead he continued walking the whole night. They thought he had gone crazy. He was dying, his energy was disappearing what was he doing? This was the time to rest; he would die sooner […]

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Henry Ford and Opportunities

Somebody asked Henry Ford—because he had given a statement: “My success is through nothing but catching the right opportunity at the right moment.

People either think of opportunities that are in the future, you cannot catch hold of them, or they think of opportunities that have passed. When they are gone and only dust is left […]

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What is Meditation? (Three Friend and Buddhist Monk)

Three men went for a morning walk. They saw a Buddhist monk standing on the hill, and having nothing to do they just started discussing what that fellow was doing.

One said, “As far as I can see from here, he is expecting somebody and waiting for him. Perhaps a friend is left behind and he […]

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Do you like Facebook Style Timeline? Want to incorporate with your WordPress Website

Everyone like the timeline of Facebook. Do you like it? If yes and want to incorporate into your website.

Now its easy and Possible.

Please check out plugin: Fully responsive and mobile ready facebook style Timeline for wordpress.

First you have download it and activate it.

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What’s New in WordPress 4.0 “Benny”

Version 4.0 of WordPress, named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman.

Manage your media with style
Working with embeds has never been easier
Focus on your content
Finding the right plugin

Please check the blow video by kimmimebaby

“What’s New in WordPress 4.0 “Benny” – 11 New Features Found”

Please find more details https://wordpress.org/news/2014/09/benny/

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Learn to narrow your search criteria for better searches in Outlook

The following table shows examples of searches you might find useful. The search query syntax, available when the Instant Search feature is enabled, follows this basic form: keyword:your search criteria value.

For example, from:bobby

You can also use logical operators AND, NOT, OR, <, >, =, and so forth to refine your search, and these are noted […]

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श्री श्री रवि शंकर जी द्वारा रचित एक सुंदर कविता…

छोटी सी जिंदगी है ,
हर बात में खुश रहो।

जो पास में ना हो ,
उनकी आवाज़ में खुश रहो।

कोई रूठा हो तुमसे ,
उसके इस अंदाज़ में खुश रहो।

जो लौट के नही आने वाले है,
उन लम्हो कि याद में खुश रहो।

कल किसने देखा है ,
अपने आज में खुश रहो।

खुशियों का इन्तेजार किसलिए ,
दुसरो कि मुस्कान में खुश […]

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How to Disable WordPress Admin Bar for All Users Except Administrators

I am working on new public domain website http://www.forefingerfirst.com/ where people can only able to vote after FB login. So i have done customized the easy facebook login plugin.

But then we are facing the issue that once user login with FB. He/She was getting Admin bar. So i have search for solution and below is […]

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How To Develop Your Personal Goals & Succeed At Accomplishing Them

If you want to start taking charge of your life, let me urge you to try personal goal setting as a first start Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about what you want to accomplish in a given time period. I can provide you with guidance in setting personal goals for this year. […]

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Personal Goal Setting

Planning to Live Your Life Your Way

Many people feel as if they’re adrift in the world. They work hard, but they don’t seem to get anywhere worthwhile.

A key reason that they feel this way is that they haven’t spent enough time thinking about what they want from life, and haven’t set themselves formal goals. After all, would you set out on a major journey with no real idea of your destination? Probably not!

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.

The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts. You’ll also quickly spot the distractions that can, so easily, lead you astray.


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How to Add Widgets to WordPress Theme’s

There are really three main parts to introducing a footer sidebar/widget area in your theme:

Registering the Sidebar(s) in the WordPress Theme
Inserting the Sidebars In the WordPress Theme
Putting some style into the sidebars

WordPress has introduced a few new functions recently which makes it hard to write one tutorial that will cater for every theme out there. […]

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Make changes to your desktop background slide show in Windows 7

Make sure that all the pictures you want to add are located in the same folder as the current slide show pictures.

Open Desktop Background by clicking the Start button
In the search box, type desktop background, and then click Change desktop background.
If you don’t see your slide show pictures, click the Picture location list to view other categories, or click Browse to search your […]

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How to make your WordPress Website Secure

You have find many discussion about WordPress is not secure or easy to hack. I will share some of plugin which can make your website more secure.
Google Authenticator
The Google Authenticator plugin for WordPress gives you two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app for Android/iPhone/Blackberry.

Download here
Limit Login Attempts
Limit the number of login attempts possible both through normal […]

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How to increase font size based on window width by using jQuery and CSS


Add below CSS

<style type=”text/css”>

body {font-size:62.5%;} /* Set the size of 1em to 10px in all browsers */

body.extraWide {font-size:85%;}
body.wide {font-size:75%;}

body.narrow {font-size:50%;}
body.extraNarrow {font-size:40%;}


and add jQuery with the support of  a set timeout so it would scale in real time. It doesn’t reverse scale though.

$(document).ready(function() {scaleFont();});

function scaleFont() {
var viewPortWidth = $(window).width();
if (viewPortWidth >= 1900) {$(‘body’).addClass(‘extraWide’).removeClass(‘wide, standard, narrow, extraNarrow’)}
else […]

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How To Change Default Text Selection Colour

Whilst this CSS3 declaration might not be crucial to your project or design and yes it is not supported by all browsers, but it is a fantastic effect that really takes your design one step further.

Currently FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera support the text section attribute, and the browsers that don’t support it simply ignore the code so nothing will break, so it doesn’t really matter. […]

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Android Browser Scaling with target-densityDpi via Viewport TAG

Here is a list of options for “target-densityDpi”.

device-dpi: Use the device’s native dpi as target dpi.
low-dpi: 120dpi
medium-dpi: 160dpi, which is also the default as of today
high-dpi: 240dpi : We take any number between 70 and 400 as a valid target dpi […]

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Issue in Display of Apps on Differernt Mobile

If you have gotten around to using PhoneGap for developing mobile applications now, you have probably gotten an UI that you are satisfied with. However, have you tried launching the application on a different device? […]

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How do you fix this The AVD manager normally uses the user’s profile directory to store AVD files However it failed to find the default profile directory?

The AVD manager normally uses the user’s profile directory to store AVD files. However it failed to find the default profile directory. To fix this, please set the environment variable ANDROID_SDK_HOME to a valid path such as “”.

(Windows 7 and 8 Only… 64-bit version Tested) […]

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Apache web server: Mapping a URL to a local directory in Ubuntu

We would like to serve the content of a local directory to the Web through the Apache web server. The problem is that the directory isn’t into the Apache document root and we do not want to move it there. :-/

To solve this we will map a URL starting with /desired_URL to files in the […]

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How to set viewport only for iphone or ipad?

One solution…
<!– in head –>
<meta id=”viewport” name=’viewport’>
(function(doc) {
var viewport = document.getElementById(‘viewport’);
if ( navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i) || navigator.userAgent.match(/iPod/i)) {
doc.getElementById(“viewport”).setAttribute(“content”, “initial-scale=0.3”);

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