Apr 8, 2010 – Thr

Wake up @ 9.00

Reached office @ 12.00

I had talk with MOHAMMAD ABBAS (molabsmedia) for media kit of Asia TV. Jayesh has also talk with him for many different services. also ready to invest in our company if we are open.

Thinking on word “DISCIPLINE”. Wants to express many topic. but not bale to write down on proper word.

Shweta wants to support me. (by seen other wife supporting to there husband) but when i had discussion with her for tution, learn computer, new home, etc.. Final Conclusion- she will again think once we will shift to new home šŸ™‚

I had discussed with nagesh for creating documentation for news module also discuss how we will make module for easily we can reuse same. Need to monitor the same

be happy!!