Apr 20 – 23, 2010

All days are very hectic. Lot of work many things to complete.

Tuesday we had meeting with Mr. Azaad. Discuss on many different area of business. We have heard the story of Lion and Fox. (If you want to just sit and doing nothing, you have to lion first). Rules will always change as times move head. Quality will 100% give you to return. I was enrolled on his dream of serving people after 3 year. Really wants to do something but just waiting for opportunity. I know that if you wait for something you have wait till your end. Discuss on our past with him. We have to go step by step. Let see what will be the output. We want to do something and want to reach at new level.

Wed we had discussion with Ankit. For keeping team here for their post production work. We have received JD yesterday we have to work on same

Pavan has given new copy for binary website which was excellence. We have to work sitemap of our new website

We have completed 6 to 7 website within this last month.

Thursday Whole day I am in Agrocel for completion of their website. I had lunch there. PreetiBhabhi(Wife of Agrocel Chairman). I think 1300 cr. Company. She is very simple, clear and down to earth.

be happy!!!