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Who am i? Still searching…. 🙂

Who know me personally there is nothing new to know. So please don’t waste you time to read about me just enjoy surfing other sections

For people who is new to my world: I am techno married talkative geek from Mumbai. I think I have covered everything about me 🙂


About myself

I am slim, smart, healthy and wealthy 🙂

Sound good na… , That is my positive and motivated line for myself.

I am 75 KG Guju married with twin. :).  Know my family | Biodata

I am talkative, expressive, full of energy, eager to learn more, knows how to make fun, really positive at almost everything happen to my life, believing on making big, always happy and cheerful, reading and sports are my hobby and searching for oneself.

I had lots friends due to my frank and open natures. And also had friend where I can easily cry or share everything. For my simply trust people blindingly or don’t trust them. Never like to sit on edge of anything. I know it’s always pain full.

Robin Sharma well said “That different between you today and 10 year before is the type of people you met and book you read. That perfectly applied to my life

I had many mentor in every aspect of life. Be hearing there sharing got lot experience and powers to understand life. They are/were the persons who had grilled me and groom me what I am presentation. Only thanks will not rewards/return. Now I am obliged to share that knowledge with others | Meet my mentors

I had received great habit of reading from my mother in in heritage. I had small library with had all type of category (fictions, novels, Suspense, motivations, spiritual). I am great fan of Paul Chelho. Read my Reviews

Fun and entertainment is always great way to get motivation and positive vibes. By making fun you always creating good atmosphere which will help to improve relationship with everyone and you can increase productivity of your team. Read Jokes and SMS

I am very spiritual guy believing in karma and Krishna. Both are my core integrated motto of Life. I am not more into religious. For me religious is to server human being.  Check out my websites

  • http://www.krishnawisdom.in
  • http://www.thanksgod.in
  • http://www.gitawisdom.com

As a technician

I am technopreneur working as CTO at Binary Web Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. I had vast experience of 12 year into IT solutions J not industry because my major role to understand client requirements or problems and give them a best possible solutions within their budget and deadline. I had handle more than 500 projects related to web, multimedia, print, presentation, hosting, seo etc.

By doing all those project. I gain knowledge of developing project architecture, managing the resources, planning the projects executions and delivering on the deadline.

I had experience of leading various type of projects and team simultaneously.

To know more about my project and solutions kindly check our company website: www.binaryic.com

As motivator

I am action orientated. We have to do it first then explain others to do it are the simplest way of teaching or motivating someone. By merely word will not give anyone permanent motivation. Action is more powerful than words.

This is my gratitude to my mentor due to their motivation helped me to reach to this stage. Very clear with my intention to support all the people who want to make their career in IT Field.

It’s not my responsibility to share all the knowledge which I have received from my seniors, clients, colleague, mentor and of course from life. Life is the best teach. Accidently or fortunately you are learning something new and wondering why you are learning. Please stick to it. Life is teaching you something because you will be 100% require in future.

While taking interviews and met people and talked with them. I came to know that people are not clear what they want to become as I was also not clear at that time. But I always try my level best to explain the future, their role other than technology. It does always give me immense pleasures.

Anyone can mail me for any advice will support you within my limits

Thanks and all the best

be happy!!!


As entertainer

I think if you have read my welcome note had clear idea that I can make fun from anywhere. By god grace had courage to make people laugh in any situation. I have capability to making jokes on myself and I can laugh on myself, which is toughest thing to do for other that I came to know afterward.

For me every human is more important than my EGO. I am totally agreed with this – “Happiness you can find only by giving others”.

Why to discuss our problem with others. They have their enough problems. So always try to make fun and make every laugh at least for some moment.

Read jokes, sms, articals etc…

Always be happy 🙂

As spiritual being

Be frank with you, still searching for same.

be happy!!